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Dogs have been regarded as human’s best friends for a long time. In today’s era, almost every household has a pet dog. Usually, our dogs tend to sleep wherever they want to (on the bed, under the couch, on your doorway), but that doesn’t mean they should. They deserve warm, cozy, and comfortable spaces of their own.

If you are considering getting a dog bed for your favorite canine friend, this guide on ‘how to choose a dog bed’ will help you select the one which benefits both you and your dog.


As evident from the name itself, Dog beds are beds that are designed specifically for dogs, keeping in mind their comfort, size, and other requirements. They can be fancy or simple, homemade or expensive, and a whole lot in between.


As we said before, dogs sleep anywhere and everywhere, and many dog-owners prefer it that way. But honestly, your furry friend should sleep on the floor and neither on your bed. Just like us, they require (and deserve) their own spaces. Thus, it is only right that you spend a few bucks from your pocket for your doggo.

 2.1Benefits of a Dog Bed

Here are a few benefits you get from investing in a Dog Bed:

A Place of Their Own: Having a personal bed ensures that your dog has a confined space that they can have all to themselves. Although you may not mind letting your pup on your bed or sofa, these spaces are usually occupied by people and may make the dog feel like a second class citizen. However, if they have a bed, they can rely on having a comfortable place for napping or resting at any time during the day or the night.

Dog’s Health: It may be harmful to the health of your dog to sleep on the floor or on a hard surface. There are chances of arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other structural ailments. As a precaution, you should consider buying orthopedic beds for your bigger and older dogs. Sleeping on the bed has various other health advantages for your dog, like protection from cold or keeping odor down.

Your health: In case you have a dog allergy, having a separate bed for your dog is best for your health.

Damage Control: If your dog doesn’t have a bed and they sleep anywhere, there is a chance that they end up scratching up or breaking your furniture, or even get dirt on the carpets and beds. Thus, if they have comfortable spaces for themselves, you’ll have to spend much less time worrying about damage to your expensive household items.

Cleanliness: Even if you try your best to keep your floor clean, t still may not be the cleanest for your pup to sleep on it. To keep your canine companion clean, you should give him a dog bed. Also, dog beds are easier to clean, so you need not worry about your dog dirtying it from outside mud and dirt.

Portable: If you prefer traveling with your dog, it’d be a good idea to carry his bed around since they are usually easy to carry around. This ensures that the dog can be comfortable while traveling with you anywhere.


Some people prioritize their preferences of how a Dog bed should look, but that often results in a situation when they have a perfect looking dog bed while their dog sleeps on the floor. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the requirements of the dogs while buying a bed for him. The following points should be taken into consideration:

Size: Making sure that your dog fits on the bed is the foremost important step. Their whole body should comfortably fit without their heads or limbs hanging off the edge, even when they lie with their whole body stretched.

Age: Bigger or older dogs also have some requirements that are different from the rest- like extra padding. This makes sure that the whole weight is kept off the joints.  An important point to note is that most stylish bags don’t have sufficient immensity to keep extra-large dogs happy.

Easy Washability: Dogs have a habit of eating stuff that leaves stains on the bed and wipes their dirty paws on their beds. Some even scratch fleas or vomit when unhealthy. Maintaining the cleanliness of the bed can be a difficult task.  Thus, the ability to throw the bed into the washing machine is a downright blessing. Frequently washing the bed is necessary even when your dog is frequently bouncing in mud and rain. Therefore you should invest in a bed that is easily washable.

The Position and Location of the Dog Bed: The exact location where you are planning to keep the bed (whether it’s the center of your drawing room or the side of your bedroom) should be taken into consideration while buying the bed. The shape of the bed would depend on it to a great extent.

Absorbent pads for dogs that wet the bed. Ill, or geriatric dogs, require having washable or disposable absorbent pads. This keeps the dog from lying on a wet bed and saves you from constantly washing the bed. Not all the types of beds come with these kinds of absorbent pads, so paying attention to the kind you are buying is critical.

pronto pet care how to buy a dog bed in 2020


As mentioned earlier, it is very important to size up your dog before buying a bed for him.

To know how big a dog bed should be, start by measuring your dog. In order to measure your dog, the best position is when he is lying with his body fully stretched, so whenever you get such an opportunity, you should take out your measuring tape and size up his body. Next, whenever you go to buy the bed, you should add 10-12 inches to the height of your dogs and buy the size accordingly.

Dogs’ beds are mostly measured by length, but a few are sized by their weight instead. If you own a heavy dog, it is necessary to consider the thickness which doesn’t flatten easily or in a short amount of time.

Not only the size of the dog, but you also require to take into consideration the position in which they sleep before deciding what size of dog bed you need.


You should put some thought into the dog bed, stuffing ideas on what kind of material for your bed since your dog needs to sleep on it all the time. The ideal material for dog bed must be easily washable and should have durability. The materials that come into this category are ripstop nylon, jean, and canvas. Also, if you rather want to prioritize the comfort over all else, microfiber and sherpa fleece are excellent options.

There are also a variety of dog fillings like foam layers, polyester fillings, shredded foam, cotton batting, recycled material, cedar chips, etc. to choose from. You should go for the option that you find most suitable.

 5.1Types of Dog Beds

If you have made up your mind about buying a dog bed and are confused about “what kind of dog bed should I get,” here are various dog bed styles you can go for:

  1. Donut Dog BedsThese beds come with a raised border edge, which gives a nest-like feature (because of which it is also known as nesting bed). Donut Dog beds are made in different sizes, and it is one of the few on this list that is suited for all breeds of dogs alike.
  2. Buttercup Dog bedsButtercup dog beds are the best type of Dog beds. They are usually found only in high-end boutiques because of their unique and creative design. These beds are traditionally flat and round, with a fastening drawstring running through them. This drawstring helps the bed to open when it’s left slack and change shape into a closed flower when drawn tightly.
  3. Pillow Dog bedsThese beds are the most common and regular type of dog beds. As evident from the name, they are commonly oversized pillows for your dog to sleep on. They come with different fillings like polyester fiberfill, cotton batting, bean bag style foam beads, and other materials. You should choose the type which fits your budget and is comfortable for the size and weight of your dog.
  4. Hammock Dog bedsIt is exactly what it sounds like. Hammock beds are dog beds that come in the shapes of a hammock- simple beds that keep your dog suspended off of the ground using tightly woven webbing or fabric, which is tightly wrapped around a frame which is usually made up of wood, metal or PVC.

The raised surface guards your dog’s body against contacting the hard ground, which in turn helps in keeping the joints healthy and your dog comfortable. The raised surface of the bed also provides extra relief to the joints by making it easy for dogs to get in and out of bed.

  1. Cave dog bedsThese are burrow like beds, usually bought for shy dogs that love nesting. Cave dog beds provide warmth, comfort, and safety to dogs, especially the smaller ones. But if you have a large dog, it may be difficult to find this bed in a size that fits him.
  2. Sofa Dog BedsSofa Beds for dogs are basically a sofa that your canine friend can have all to themselves to lay about and lounge on. They come in various sizes. The best part about having a sofa bed is that you could easily find one which suits the décor of your house or even get a smaller replica of your own sofa.
  3. Heated Dog bedsThese are dog beds that maintain a warmer temperature for your pooch. They are perfect for dog owners who live in the cooler climates of the world.
  4. Waterproof dog bedsThey are usually common with owners of small puppies that are still being trained to follow a toilet routine or older dogs who have now become incontinent.
  5. Chew proof dog beds- These beds are designed, keeping in mind the dogs that have a habit of chewing off stuff. Usually made up of hyper-durable material, Chew proof beds have the capacity to withstand even the cruelest biters.
  6. Orthopedic dog beds- Orthopedic Dog beds are deliberately made up of material that provides comfort and support to the bones of your dogs. They usually have medical-grade foam and/or box-spring construction and are best suitable for older dogs or dogs that have joint’s issues.

There are a lot more types of dog beds you can choose from. Visit your nearest pet stores and buy what suits your needs the best.


Washing a Dog Bed is quite a simple task.

If you have a dog bed with a removable cover, take off the cover to wash it, or else you could just put the whole bed in a washing machine and wash it with hot water to kill any pests or insects that may be on the bed. In case the whole bed doesn’t fit into your washing machine, you can also hand wash it by soaking it in hot water and detergent beforehand.

You need to keep in mind that most dogs are sensitive to chemicals. If you have a dog with sensitive skin or allergy, you must use a detergent that is mild.  Dry and air fluff the bed with a dryer sheet to diminish static. This will help in removing any remaining pet fur from the bed.

In case there is a stain on the bed, use a stain remover to remove it since simply washing doesn’t always remove the stains effectively.


Buying a dog bed that is waterproof is beneficial for your time and energy. However, if your dog is allergic to a certain type of material used in waterproof beds, you should consider going for a non-waterproof bed and buy cover for it separately that can be washed and cleaned easily.


The price range of dog beds varies quite a bit. You could get a bed for as cheap as $30 or go for a bed that costs as much as $500. The cost of a bed depends on various factors, such as size, material, filling, thickness, ability to be washed, if it is waterproof or not, etc.

You should obviously go for a bed that fits your budget, but that doesn’t mean you should compromise on the comfort of your dog. This is because it could be harmful to your dog to lounge on a bed that isn’t suitable for his body and could result in problems like arthritis and other medical conditions. Spending a bit more on the dog bed is far better than splurging money on its medical issues in the future. This will also ensure that the bed is long-lasting.

7.1 Should you sleep with your dog in the same bed?

You may love snuggling your canine friend a lot, but that doesn’t justify you sleeping in the same bed as his on a regular basis. Researches have shown that owners who sleep in the same bed as their dogs suffer clinical issues in the long term. Thus, you must invest in a dog bed. Better safe than sorry!

Some dogs may not be welcoming to their new beds and probably still prefer sleeping on other surfaces. In such a case, you should lure them using treats or cuddling with them on their bed.


There are numerous benefits of having a separate bed for your dog to sleep in. Since you love your dogs, it is time to shower him with that love and buy him a dog bed. Not only is it beneficial for him, but having a dog bed also saves you a lot of money in one way or another.

We hope this detailed article about ‘how to choose the right bed’ answers your question “do dogs need beds?” and helps you in choosing the right type of dog bed for your Dog.

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